WE LOVE XR is a collaborative project initiated by OBJ.Studio and made possible by Ambion GmbH where different artists and contributors explore the possibilities of Extended Reality.

I was invited, together with other type designers, to be part of the first performance, where the poem of Sibylle Berg is brought to life by the German rapper and producer BRKN.

I had the pleasure to design my own interpretation of three words from the poem that are displayed during the live performance: Erhebend (EN: Uplifting), Gestrandet (EN: Stranded) and Hoffnungsvoll (EN: hopeful)

Poetry meets XR

As soon as the performance starts, an immersive typographic journey begins. The words surround the artist and manifest themselves in the space. The XR world enables the poem to exist in the physical world and the viewers can experience it at a whole new level.