Together with the New Now team, we created a complete rebranding and web design
for one of the biggest online marketing platform.

When it comes to digital marketing, Searchmetrics is by far one of the key platforms that help brands around the world unleash their online performance using the power of data. 

Together with the team at New Now, we completely redesigned the Searchmetrics brand, giving it a more contemporary and progressive look to reflect the company’s new manifesto.

Art Direction

Logo Design

Identity System

Web Design

Motion Graphics

Design Consultancy

A powerful
new look

Inspired by the world of data and algorithms, we built a powerful visual identity defined by minimalism and functionality.

The new design framework provides a flexible solution for creating consistent and scalable brand assets.

Pushing the website a step further

We completely redesigned the website, focusing on a comprehensive structure that breaks down the complex architecture of the Searchmetrics platform in a user friendly way.