Schwarze Heidi

Web Design and launching campaign
for one of the best Swiss restaurants in Berlin

Shchwartze Heidi bring the authentic Swiss flavours on the streets of Berlin. I was delighted lead the design process behind the new website launch and the local marketing campaign. 

Art Direction

Web Design

Motion Graphics

A different kind
of menu

The main goal was to bring the Swiss cuisine excellence into the online experience. With a focus on story telling and attention to detail, I created an interactive food menu that showcases the colorful and eye-catchy dishes from a table top perspective.

Say cheese!

A sharp and detailed look of the Swiss specialities was necessary in order to completely immerse the users and stimulate their senses.

While being on site during the photoshooting, I made sure that the rich texture of the food is the main focus, while still preserving the traditional Swiss look.

From digital
to print

Besides of the digital experience, I was also in charge for the launching campaign. The campaing look was inspired by old Swiss book covers, combining bold typography with food photography and subtle graphic elements with a hint of traditional Swiss decorations.