Rebranding an early-stage venture capital fund backing the best tech entrepreneurs across Europe and the US.

In partnership with New Now, I led the rebranding efforts for La Famiglia Venture Capital Fund. Tasked with incorporating a modern, tech-focused feel while honoring their established identity, our goal was to integrate past and present elements seamlessly. Inspired by the intimate atmosphere of Italian family gatherings, we carefully curated a visual story using a combination of vintage collage elements.

This blend resulted in a smooth transition, where traditional aspects harmonized with contemporary influences. The project not only refreshed La Famiglia’s visual image but also conveyed a narrative of familial warmth within a dynamic technological landscape.

The challenge

Our primary objective was to craft a distinctive visual identity for a venture capital fund centered around technology, steering clear of conventional tech startup aesthetics. To achieve this, we combined elements of 90s tech nostalgia with humanistic themes, striking a balance that appeals to both the tech community and the essence of human interaction. This approach yielded an identity that distinguishes itself, encapsulating the ethos of innovation while embracing the human touch.