Got Groove

Visual Identity  for an independent party label

Established in 2017, Got Groove is a Bucharest based community centered around parties and events.

I had the pleasure to completely redisign the visual identity for them. My main focus was to bring the same funky vibes and positive energy from the music they play into the visual communication of the brand. The result was a punchy, dynamic and super playful aesthetic that melts into a vibrant neon-green.

Besides defining the look and feel of the brand, I was also in charge for designing the website, the launching campaign and the visuals for the event that celebrated the new identity.

Art Direction

Visual Identity

Web Design

Motion Graphics

Live Visuals

Style over legibility

Their manifesto is all about rythm, energy and groovy moves. And so is the logo. I created a playful custom lettering for the logotype that is defined by dynamic shapes and groovy characters. The letterforms have a slightly tribal-graffiti look that incorporate the independent and unconventional attitude of the brand.

The palm tree

The core element of the visual identity is the palm tree, which can be found in the logotype as letter “T”. Besides bringing to life the tropical flavour of their music, it also acts like a frame that can be used for different media in order to preserve visual consistency.