I craft scalable
design solutions.


I create design systems and visual identities that scale as fast as your business.

We live in a fast changing world, where trends and markets are constanlty evolving. A well crafted logo and a saturated color palette is not longer enough to make your business visible.

I help agencies, startups and brands from all around the world to accomplish their communication goals. I use my skills and knowledge to deliver complex projects from sketching and concepting phase to asset creation and project launch.

Visual Identities

Design systems

Art direction

Design Consultancy

Custom type design 

Web design

motion design

c0Ol $tuff


I’m Eduard, designer and art director based in Berlin.

As a creative, I build comprehensive design solutions that facilitate communication between brands and people. My approach is focused on learning through experimentation, while always aiming for scalability and functionality.

As a type enthusiast, I played an important role in launching Type Thursday Berlin and I had the pleasure to host a couple of events.

When I’m not working for my clients, I’m building premium design resources that boost the workflow of busy designers and startups.

Fun fact: I’m also an internet meme.