I craft insightful brand identities that empower startups to communicate their unique edge.

a.k.a. I make things look cool,

I eat complicated design briefs for breakfast,

I come up with creative sh*t for your business.


I create design systems and visual identities that scale as fast as your business.

We live in a fast changing world, where trends and markets are constanlty evolving. A well crafted logo and a saturated color palette is not longer enough to make your business visible.

I help agencies, startups and brands from all around the world to accomplish their communication goals. I use my skills and knowledge to deliver complex projects from sketching and concepting phase to asset creation and project launch.

I create strong Visual Identities that enable brands to have a consistent and impactful marketing communication across all channels. My approach is highly focused on functionality and scalability, putting the visual concept at the core of the design process. That means I will research, sketch and analyse before diving head-first in the creation of beautiful visuals that talk straight to your target group.

Design guidelines are useless if nobody is going to apply them, that’s why I am always aiming at building comprehensive visual identities that reach maximum of impact with minimum of elements.

A good design system is the key communication tool when it comes to rapid growing companies. I love building comprehensive and functional design kits that enable teams to collaborate and build together while relying on a single source of truth.

I am able to translate any visual identity into clear and actionable design assets that can assure a consistent look throughout apps, websites, presentations and social media.

The role of design is to be functional. The role of art direction is to humanize design.

With a background in fine arts, I have a keen understanding of art movements and their influence on social and political matters throughout history. I use this knowledge to craft beautiful and contemporary-looking design elements that convey a specific message to a particular group of people.

Needless to say that any business today needs an online presence. I build beautiful responsive websites that turn heads and visitors into customers.

I am a nerd when it comes to all things technology, so I’m always up to date with the latest digital trends, from paywalls for online stores to interactive 3D web elements. I don’t only design, but also bring the website to life with no-code solutions.

Any design becomes ten times cooler when it moves. It’s no secret that videos have a higher rate of engagement than static images. I have an extensive know-how when it comes to animation and motion graphics and I can bring to life anything from website and logos to illustrations and typography.

I’m a type nerd. I’ve been passionate about calligraphy and lettering since forever and I am proud to say that I played an important role into launching one of the coolest type-designers gathering in Berlin. I am able to build custom typefaces for print and web, custom lettering designs and custom-type logos.

I am always happy to share my expertise in visual communication with brands and internal design teams. With over 7 years of experience, I can assist you with website audits, design concepts and brand positioning.

I created my own store for design resources where I constantly release digital products that help designers and agencies. I held a public talk about why we should have a special letter in the alphabet for the fart sound. I initiated a monthly gathering for type designers in Berlin. I like staying busy with all kinds of creative stuff, so hit me up if you have anything in mind.


I’m Eduard, designer and art director travelling around the world.

As a creative, I build comprehensive design solutions that facilitate communication between brands and people. My approach is focused on learning through experimentation, while always aiming for scalability and functionality.

As a type enthusiast, I played an important role in launching Type Thursday Berlin and I had the pleasure to host a couple of events.

When I’m not working for my clients, I’m building premium design resources that boost the workflow of busy designers and startups.

Fun fact: I’m also an internet meme.